Friday, February 6, 2009

Morty's Market - Surrey Custom Models

Morty's Market from Surrey Custom Models is one cool looking building with a wonderful roof line and a stucco exterior.  Should prove entertaining and rewarding to build.

First step, brace all of the walls before assembling them and adding the stucco.

Rubber bands serve as great clamps to keep the wall sections together.

My trusty squares help ensure proper corners.

A view from above ensuring everything is lined up nicely.

Weights helped to keep everything still as the glue set overnight.

Now to tackle the stucco.  How about a test on some spare wood? 

I found this unique product at Michael's.  It's called Sandstones from Deco Art.  While it does have silver and gold fleck in it...not a problem...I'll simply paint over the entire wall to hide it.

Light tape helped to mask the areas where I did not want stucco.

Coming along nicely with the side section of the roof in. 

Time to create a floor from scratch!  Yikes!

The market will also serve as a deli eatery.

You can view the inside from outside.

Here is my completed version of Morty's Market from Surrey Custom Models.  I chose to utilize a minimalist interior for the structure so viewers to the model railroad can see that there is a small cafe inside.

Bing Crosby would be happy to buy his fruits and vegetables here...and maybe he would stop in for a wee drink as well! Note the stucco walls and the black and white checkered floors. I chose to leave the two side windows in an open formation.

This view from the right side of the structure shows the exhaust vent and the little added section at the rear of the building. I've changed the rooftop sign to face this way for the photograph. The roofing material was a mottle array of small stones. I ran black wash over top to marry the colours a tad.

This rear shot of Morty's Market shows the back entranceway where staff would carry in goods and supplies. This was a lovely kit to build. I showcased the stages of this build in a thread at the railroad-line forum to which I belong.

To see other modellers' versions of this lovely kit as well as more of the process I used, follow along at
Surrey Custom Models has now been sold and you can visit new owners at
Cheers, Mike Hamer - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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