Friday, February 6, 2009

McSherry Machine Works aka Forley Lithographers FOScale

It's always a lot of fun taking an existing kit and renaming it after a friend. This is what I did with the FOScale offering of its backdrop structure called Forley Lithographers. I named the building after one of my Friday Night Group (FNG) members and good friend, Jim McSherry.

I had seen another gentleman use these similar colours and liked them very much. My good buddy, Rob Kasakoff (Kaz) did the signage for me by scanning the original sign that came with the kit and working with Photo Shop to complete the changes. Thanks, Rob. Great job!

We see the same structure from a slightly different angle. I used a light masking tape to mask off the walls when I applied the green paint to the lower section. One thing's for sure...these background structures make fantastic looking kits. This one will take a special place resting on my future shelf layout to be located around my crew lounge.

Here is the structure standing by a siding on my friend, Bill's, model railroad.

It's a super background structure! In fact, it won best in show for non-judged models at a recent NMRA convention held here in Ottawa.

Yes, this structure is a superb choice for any background that needs filling!

To see other versions of this structure as built by other modellers check the Railroad Line Forum at

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Mike Hamer

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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