Friday, February 6, 2009

Craftsman Structures

I've created this blog to detail my efforts in building craftsman structures to be used in my hobby of model railroading. Since 2007 I have been purchasing craftsman kits for buildings which will be placed on a new extension to my model railroad. Enjoy as you follow along in the building process.

The image above shows the Conley Lumber and Coal facility on my Boston and Maine model railroad. The main building was a John Rendall kit I built many years ago. This was a very basic model, but it showed my what can be done with some stripwood and details. Later, I scratchbuilt the coal shed from plans I found in a 1950's issue of Model Railroader magazine. This industry is switched out a couple of times in a typical train operating sessions.

Here's a close-up of the coal shed with the conveyor system utilized by smaller coal dealers. My good friend, Stan Conley, whom the structure is named after, gave me with the two piece conveyor belt and lift system as a gift during one of the many operating sessions I have held.

We spot the B&M diesel switcher using a flatcar as a handle or car reach to enable the crew to haul out the freightcars from the industry. Railroad regulations forbid the diesel from travelling below the wooden structure where sparks could very well ignite a fire. While the lumber and coal facility is a craftsman structure, the power pole beside the building is scratchbuilt.

Thanks for viewing my blog, Mike Hamer, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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