Friday, February 6, 2009

Interlocking Tower - American Model Builders

For the longest time, the standard Atlas tower resided over the junction near the duckunder to my layout room. After seven or so years, I felt it time to replace the structure with one which resembles a typical northeastern tower, in particular one along the Boston and Maine. American Model Builders came to the rescue with an excellent laser cut kit of such a tower. Have a look!

I've painted my tower in typical B&M colours of depot buff and maroon. I've weathered it little in playing with the story that it has undergone a recent paint job. That's a Maine Central train passing behind the tower in the distance while a Boston and Maine train heads out of the yard in the foreground.

This closer view showcases the outside steps attached to the wall of the structure. Simple pieces of yellow paper make simple blinds for the windows, We see a B&M geep passing in front of the building.

This wider shot looks down the mainline. This is the first scene you see when you approach the door to the layout room.
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Cheers, Mike Hamer - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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