Saturday, February 7, 2009

Klinger's Pharmacy - Raglan Road - Bar Mills

My good buddy, Rob Kazakoff aka "Kaz" asked me to build a structure for his collection. The one he chose for me to do was Kilinger's Pharmacy from the "four kit" offering by Bar Mills called "Raglan Road".

The pharmacy is the white building to the left in the photograph. You can also see the other structures which came as a part of this package. There are many interesting details in this awesome kit such as shingled sidings, awnings, a main floor entranceway that juts out from the building, cool looking signs as well as a balcony on the other side of the pharmacy which is not seen in this photo.

Beginning the build was tricky as the structure does not have four complete walls. Note the white shingled siding. I chose to use two tones of green for the window, door and roofing details

Here is the balcony on the righthand side of the structure. It was somewhat finicky to put together, but was done in one evening. Of course, all the laser cut parts were painted before assembly.

On to the bottom main entranceway that juts out from the building. Paint colours were applied to the layers. Then it was a simple matter of applying the 'peel and stick' layers overtop everything. This method makes you look like a masterful painter when done! Easy as 1-2-3!

See what I mean! I love this 'peel and stick' technology. Man, today's kits are super exciting to build!

Here's the finished lower section of the pharmacy. The windows are opague. I snapped this shot with a flash. All sections went together very well.

We see the lower section as married to the structure as a whole. A sidewalk was included in the kit. The two sections required a bit of 'jimmying' to go together. After a few moments all was settled and nestled in place. The front awning is applied over the entranceway. This structure is ready to go!

Side awnings are in. All the signs are nicely weathered and applied. I really like the appearance of this structure!

A nice three-quarter angle look at the finished structure. Patrons of the town where Kaz will eventually place this structure will have little health worries with Klinger's Pharmacy around!

Before handing the Pharmacy over to Kaz, I wanted to photograph it in amongst other buildings I had been working on at the time. It sure looks good place among its brethren!
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Cheers, Mike Hamer - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


  1. These buildings are awesome and they do stir my imagination for the buildings I am planning for my layout... great job!

  2. Hi Kaustav, thank you so much. It is nice to know that my modelling inspires others. That's what I love about this great hobby of we can share our ideas with each other. All the best to you as you proceed with your layout!

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