Friday, August 8, 2014

American Model Builders Farmhouse for Hospital Layout Group Build

Every year, a group of model railroaders in Ottawa gather to build a model railroad to be raffled as a fund-raiser for their local children's hospital.  Many friends from around the world donated items for the build thanks to our friends at the Railroad Line Forum.  We assembled on a regular basis to construct the layout and different modelers took different craftsman style kits to build.  I selected this American Model Builders farmhouse to build.  The location for it demanded that I truncate the building on an angle, very cool!

Here is a shot of one side of the layout upon completion.

A photograph of the other side.

Before cutting up the wooden wall sections from the kit, I first mocked up the structure out of cardboard.  Much better to make a mistake out of cardboard than wood, I say!

I think this will look really cool when done!

And yes, it does!

The farmhouse placed on the styrofoam terrain.

With a few trees I made out of the spirea shrub.

With all of the scenery in place.

Among other buildings.

An aerial shot.

This sure was a fun little project.

The joy was looking at the faces of visitors to the train show.  It was great that a little boy won the raffle layout.  He was so excited when we dropped it off at his home!  Thanks for checking in on this very special project which showcases what teamwork can achieve.  

To follow a more detailed thread about the construction of this farmhouse, simply cut and paste the link below into your address bar above

To view a more detailed account of the entire hospital layout build, simply cut and paste this link into your address bar above.

Have a fantastic day!  Mike Hamer

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