Monday, September 1, 2014

Foscale Radio Station Built By Chris

I have just purchased this gorgeous model made by my good friend, Chris Lyon.
It is the FOS Scale Limited Radio WKLO and Malcolm's House of Music offering.
Chris opted to re-letter the station to read KLWO.

Chris recently dismantled his model railroad as he prepares for a move.  All items on the layout were for sale, so I couldn't pass up this great opportunity.

I had wanted to purchase this building, but left it too late and it was a limited run kit which sold out fairly quickly. 

Chris and I both play guitar together and perform, so it is fitting that I have this wonderful model made by him now residing in my home.

KLWO is now a Christian Rock station, but on my layout, any style of music will be heard over the airwaves around that big antenna.

The little red Beetle has always been on my wish list but I never could find one.

Thanks to Chris for throwing it in with the radio station.

This "at level" view shows the unique lines of the structure.

A side view with all those great signs.

Chris tells me that he sprayed the signs first with Dullcoat then wet them so that they would fit nicely into all of the grooves along the clapboard siding.

A view from the rear when Chris brought the structure out to OVAR.

The brown structure to the left is one I built for my friend, John and it just so happened that I brought it out at the same OVAR meeting.

Chris snapped this great shot on his layout.  The building hadn't been officially planted as of yet.

It sure looks nice near the shores of the lake Chris made.

Chris tells me that he used a white wash of Saman Stains and Olive Stain for most of the colouring of the building.  He made use of A/I and Bragdon powders to weather everything.  Some of his details were painted using Velejo paints.

Chris used canopy glue and tacky glue to assemble the structure.  He roughed up the siding and lifted each line of clapboard to increase depth.  To create stucco, he sifted fine sand over AppleBarrel acrylics while the paint was still wet.

Here's an "in-progress" shot.

Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to own this structure, Chris.  All the best in your future move!
Have a great day!  Mike Hamer

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