Thursday, August 7, 2014

"Shack Pack" from Bar Mills

One of my favourite offerings from Bar Mills is their "Shack Pack" kit which includes the materials to make three unique looking little shacks that really catch the eye.  I chose different techniques when building each shack.  The white one above was weathered with washes of chalks to get that grimy look at ground level.

This little gem is an attention grabber even though it's so small.  The peel and stick technology allows the modeller to achieve that "well-worn" look where you see between the battens and through the tar paper to the wooden wall planking below.  Having the window cranked open is a nice added touch.

With this shack, the modeller was given the option of having a solid looking roof or a well worn swayed roof.  I chose the latter.  Lots of fun!  Washes with different colours of acrylic paints achieved the look I was wanting.  I really like the effect the washes provided.

Two of the three shacks found a home on my "Boatworks" diorama.  
You can see the red shack in the foreground in this image.

Note the "Mail Pouch" sign wearing through on the side of the red shack.
In the distance is the white shack up near the backdrop.

An overall view of the "Boatworks" diorama with the red shack playing an important role in the scene.

The little white shack tucked into the scene on the other side of the tracks.

A view from water level.

A closer view.

Meanwhile, the little green shack found a home on my "Lyon Concert Hall" diorama.
It is useful as an element playing a part in the scene of a canoe outfitters' property.

A side view of the diorama showing the important role this little shack plays in the overall look.

An aerial view of one side of the diorama.  I hope you enjoyed this short view of how three great little shacks from Bar Mills can play a big role within the context of a scene!  Have a great day!  Mike Hamer

To view an in-depth discussion of the "Shack Pack" on the Railroad Line Forum, cut and paste the link below into your address box above.

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