Friday, August 8, 2014

Group Build of Banta Modelworks Silver Plume Bakery into Something Completely Different

A few years back, the St. Lawrence Division of the NMRA came up with an interesting idea.  The members chose to select a model that everyone would purchase and build.  The model chosen was the Silver Plume Bakery from Banta Modelworks.  There was one caveat...each modeler had to turn the bakery into something different!  Oh, did I fail to mention that four scales would be represented, N, HO, S and O.  Lots of fun!  Follow along to see some of the creative models the group built.

We met once every two months at a local church basement.  The SLD meets five times a year, so we chose the alternate months to gather as a group for the build.

This post is not meant to teach techniques.  Rather, it is to show you some of the creative models which were built.  To learn more about the project in much greater detail, cut and paste the link below into your address bar above.  You will see where I posted the entire process at the Railroad Line Forum.

I chose to turn my model into a barber shop.  I have a good model railroad friend named Bill Meek.  I thought it would be fun to name the barber shop "Barber Bill - No Meek Cuts"!

SS Limited provided the interior detail parts...tons of white metal castings.  Most of us chose to light our interiors with LED's.  The effect is very dramatic especially when you observe the model in low light.

Well, I guess one lad didn't pay attention to the rules of the theme...hee hee!

Yup, he chose to make his bakery into a...well...a bakery!

He did a great job on th e detailing and weatherning.

I think that I would love to go get a coffee and a bite to ear here.

This lad created a corner cafe out of his bakery kit.

Looks great planted on this mini-diorama.

My friend, Stan, modeled the Tweed News.  It is obviously the head offices of the local newspaper.

Here's someone's structure at some juncture in the process.  It's fun to see the differing paint schemes for the walls and trim.  I believe that it will become David's Wells River Cafe.

The Wells River Cafe takes shape.

Here is the final form of David's structure as planted on his layout.

Aha!  Me thinks this'll be another structure masquerading as a bakery!

My good friend, Chris Lyon, turned his structure into a pool hall.

Chris planted his on a mini-diorama as well and photographed it against his backdrop on his model railroad.

Another barber shop to give me some competition down the street, I see!  Deb and John, great friends, even added a sound chip with old style music playing!

Good friend, Ron, created an O-scale saloon.

With a lot of interior detailing going on.

Cafe Evelyn looks well attended.

Nice exterior detailing by good friend, Alex, in S scale.

Pete chose to create a pharmacy in O.

Pretty shiny new looking roof.

Spending that kind of money, the place must be doing a brisk business.

Good friend, Gilbert, chose to change the kit up entirely and place the doorway to the left rather than the right.  He also added a lot of interior detailing.

The lighting sets his model off beautifully.

Another view of a bakery.

Something new again...a marine supply shop.

Love the roof!

Good friend, James, honoured his son who loves to snowboard.  They made HO scale snowboards from a brochure and cut them out.

They are hanging on the wall inside the shop.

Of course, if you're going snowboarding, you're not heading to school!  Hee Hee!

Another view of the shop in progress.

Yet another barber shop!

Angela followed us on-line and created a lovely bakery as well.

The interesting aspect of this project for me was seeing all the different colour variations in the walls and the trim.  Thanks for checking in on this fun build.  You should try a build with friends someday.  It's a blast!
Have a top-notch day!  Mike Hamer

Remember to check out a more detailed version of this fun group build at the Railroad Line Forums by pasting the link below into the address bar at the top of your page.

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