Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hamilton Model Works - Wooden Grain Elevator

I offered to build a kit for my friend, John Mitchell, that would reside on his double-decked New York Central layout.

John was thrilled and he presented me with a box from Hamilton Model Works.

The kit is a wooden grain elevator that John remembered from long ago.

The single prototype photograph John had of the structure was a black and white image, but the elevator was obviously painted in a dark colour.

It must be November as I have a moustache I grew in support of men's cancer research.  The fundraiser is called "Movember" with the "M" standing for moustache.

The foundation of the structure is a single resin piece.
I first washed the resin in detergent to remove any agents before painting and weathering.

I used acrylic paints and chalks to weather the rock work.

To get the dark chocolate brown appearance for the walls, I used a variety of washes of stains followed by an application of acrylic paint washes.

I really like the colour combination of the walls with the stone.

Good old rubber bands help keep the various wall sections in place as the glue cures.

Nothing like a great looking corrugated roof to touch things off nicely.

Painted and weathered with acrylics and rust coloured powders.

Followed by some blacks and greys for further roof weathering.

A couple of nice close-up shots.

The other side of the structure.

Ahh...finally complete!

 I believe this manufacturer is no longer in business.
It was a joy building this kit for my friend, John.

To see a more detailed step-by-step account of this build with hundreds of images, scroll across the link below and right click on your mouse:

Have a great day in the train yard!
Mike Hamer
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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