Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Troels Kirk Cannery - Blue Bayou Diorama - Full Steam Ahead Kit

 The blue structure to the left is on a diorama I call "Blue Bayou".

The diorama is one of many I will produce which will be named after a song relating to a specific colour seeing as my hobbies are music (guitarist) and model railroading.

The structure on the right is a Campbell's structure and that diorama is called "Black Water" after a Doobie Brothers song I play in my band.  I love playing the guitar solo in that tune!

Back to the blue structure.

It is a Full Steam Ahead kit called Troels Kirk Cannery in honour of a fabulous modeler from Europe.

Lots of great details come with the kit.

I scratchbuilt the wharf.

I love waterfront scenes, so I chose to have the wharf and the structure jut out into the water.

A full front view of the two dioramas together.

An aerial shot.

Looking down the tracks.

A lower angle still.

Indeed, the Model Tech Studios "Clipper" vessel fits the wharf scene beautifully.

I scratchbuilt the blue sign to colour co-ordinate things.

The water pour.

I used Liquitex gloss medium for the pour.

The gloss medium will turn colourless when dry.

A view from the front.

I simply used a paintbrush to apply the water material.

I previously painted the water area black.

The fish were made using "Orso" and Italian food product.

To tie the tires as bumpers, I used stranded rope.

Self closing tweezers sure go a long way in acting as a second and third pair of hands!

The diorama before the water pour.

From the right side.

From the back.

The earliest stages of the diorama.

It's fun deciding how you want to place things.

The Full Steam Ahead model before placement on the dio.

When the structure was initially built in 2010.

I chose to model some of the windows open.

I love the elevated walkway.

The roof goes on.

The walls have been painted with a "wash" of denim blue paint.

The walls before treatment.

Some of the paints used in the project.

Te see the more detailed step-by-step process in the building of the model, scroll across the link below and right click:

To see the stages I took in making the diorama do the same for this link below and start on page 71 of the thread as I am modelling along with a bunch of other modelers...all doing different things.

I hope you have a great day model railroading!
Mike Hamer
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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