Saturday, September 6, 2014

New Haven Interlocking Tower

My friend, Doug, asked me to build a couple New Haven Interlocking Towers for his layout.
He models a Canadian based road, but he liked the look of the towers along the NH.

I varied the two identical towers slightly to give each one their own appearance.

One tower has the original concrete chimney while I placed a brick one on the other tower.

I also changed up the end wall where the outside ladder meets the ground.  One of these walls has the door while the other has the two windows.

I used an interesting technique to achieve the concrete look I wanted.  You will see the method later.

I've simply placed the tower on my layout for fun.  Of course, it is not officially planted as it will be going over to Doug's place.

It certainly is a handsome looking structure with that pagoda style roof.

An aerial view.

The kit comes from Railway Heritage Models.

This colour image from a research book helped provide prototype information.

You can see the horizontal lines in the concrete showcasing the wood planking forms that were used during the construction of the tower.

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